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A growing number of property managers and home owner associations throughout Ventura County are seeking solutions to lower energy costs and water waste in their apartments, buildings, and single family homes. Many property managers are exploring the benefits of tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters can offer apartment buildings and condo associations a range of attractive benefits to address both bottom-line and sustainability considerations.

Tankless heaters offer Ventura County property managers many advantages compared to a traditional tank water heater which include: lasting longer, take up less floor space, pollute less, use less gas, have no tank to dispose of, and offer tighter temperature control.

Tankless water heaters have no time limit on the hot-water supply at low flows, present no safety issues because of a leaking tank, and avoid problems related to the growth of bacteria in sitting hot water.

HOA’s and landlords who install them also might be eligible for federal tax credits up to $1500.